It came to me the other day as I was looking at a sofa table that I have. This sofa table has had many lives in my various homes throughout the years. From apartments, to houses, to my current condo (some rented, some bought).....I remember that I was about to resign it to the garage a couple of years ago.....but something came over me and I decided to try some different knobs on it (from wood to a black enamel)....and I couldn't believe the difference - all of a sudden it looked right. I did something similar to a bookcase... Read more →

A lightbulb went off when I was playing a smartphone app game the other day. (Yes, one of those addictive games we all play from time to time.) This one is a set of ever increasingly complicated mazes with different colored dots. The goal is to connect the two dots of the same color and not cross over the path of another colored dot. The secondary goal is to try to do it in the least amount of moves possible and get a star. As the mazes get harder, I have to really work at completing the maze in the... Read more →

I had a wake up call recently. Some life changes were "forced" on me. But they were really a gift. The life change - gave me some time to realize how "fear-based" my life had become. I was in fear that I wouldn't have enough money that I had to keep this job no matter what - I was living a life based on "scarcity" because of that fear. I am now seeing that if I had instead of seeing scarcity, I should view it as an opportunity to make some postive changes in my life. To remind myself of... Read more →

Just Be - A Short Poem

From time-to-time I like to put my thoughts into a poem. And this one is one I come back to when I start to go into overwhelm. The idea is to just be. Not worry about the future, the past, what I think I did right, what I think I did wrong. Just be. Just Be - A Short Poem Just Be Easy to Say Hard to Do Be Present Look Around You What do You See Look Out the Window What do You See How Do You Feel What do you Have to be Thankful For Just Be Easy... Read more →